seeds, ceramics, clothes, tools, foods...


Life is dynamic. We must be dynamic. We need to take our life back into our own hands. We need to craft our own life with our own hands. A handcrafted life is true living.


Natural activity on this planet forms spirals of energy.
Your thumb print. Your hair pattern. Your Dna.
A pine cone, the galaxy, a sunflower, a trees branches, a typhoon, the moons cycle and on and on…
Growth follows a spiral pattern.
Habit moves in a closed circle.
Gyre means spiral.
Atelier Gyre is a space where spirals grow into new lives, new tomorrows.


Our schools no longer educate.
We need a place where we can touch the reality of life. So we can get back in touch with ourselves.
A place where we can learn side by side with master craftsmen. Wood, soil, food, clothes, furniture, tools. Life learning. A space to slowly wonder about the basis of life and creation. A home to skill-up to make our own path in this world.


Atelier Gyre is a space for humans to grow by using their hands to create new tools for life.
Seeds, food, clothes, furniture, pottery and music to computer applications.
All hand made, all original.
We make our own life with our own hands.
Or it is not our own life.


Atelier Gyre, Oomachi, Awajishima is a space to nurture these skills and the people who desire to grow our planet for the next generation.
It is not a place to repeat old patterns. It is not a place to serve just yourself. It is not a place to protest against todays society.
It is a place of spirals.
You are a spiral. Your activity is a spiral. It goes up or down.
To create a new tomorrow we spiral up into life. This takes energy, activity and desire to serve tomorrow.
It takes handmade action.
It takes Atelier Gyre.


John Moore runs Heritage Seeds and Foods seminars at Atelier Gyre nurturing native seeds and DNA for a new food network through Heritage Farmer, Chef and Café Staff Training or Internships.
John also produces Seeds of Life seasonal seminars on seeds saving and local foods in the Atelier Gyre Café. Real seeds, Real foods.
AwabiWare has its home at Atelier Gyre. Real life tools for eating real food.
Jun Okomoto creates kitchen and tableware with his own hands from the soils of Awajishima.
Eiichi Tanaka crafts furniture to last 100 years for temples and kindergartens and designs workshops for kids and adults in Atelier Gyre.
One Day Café chefs design living foods to rebuild bodies. Living food like miso, tofu, natto and kimchee will grow a new system in months, from seed to food.
Master Craftspeople design and sculpt new clothes for a new lifestyle, from seed to wear.
Daisuke Tsunumi designs and rebuilds the Gyre space into a never ending workspace to create a new tomorrow, for all of us.

John Moore has preserved, planted and spread seeds since the age of four. John is the Founder of Atelier Gyre and the Gyre network grew out of his worldwide friends. John chose to focus on his lifetime mission of bringing real food to real people. He teaches and writes books on food, soil and native seeds and is the Founder of Atelier Gyre.
People are seeds. Local seeds that match local soil and conditions.
Atelier Gyre.
It’s the road to a new future with real skills for a real life with real food.

About us

Atelier Gyre

名称 Atelier Gyre アトリエ・ジャイル
住所 〒656-2155 兵庫県淡路市大町上507-1
代表 John Moore ジョン・ムーア 


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